Many of our applications provide an option to enter and maintain events on a calendar. In addition to an organization’s events, national holidays are added from Google and events created by Litehaus Consulting system’s events.

Entered events are given a short title which is displayed in the calendar and places where current events maybe shown such as the home page.

When the title is clicked, the full details of the event are displayed in a pop up. These include the full description and an optional location (a future option will be to show the location on a map).

The start and end dates determine the date where the event will be shown on the calendar. These are used in conjunction with any repeating criteria provided. Specific times came be used or the All Day box can be checked. Consider your birthday. It is an All Day event but we would guess that your party is not. You would check the All Day Event box when entering your birthday but give the specific start and end time for your party.

(Another future option will be to send notices of meetings to organization members who have valid email addresses.)

While the calendar can be used in any manner that suits the organization, the narrative below is designed to help understand the concepts used in designing the feature.

Single events are fairly straight forward but throw in repeating events and things get interesting. We begin by entering the starting point as we would a single event. Then check the box indicating a repeating event box. The period options appear.

NOTE: Make sure the radio button of the option you choose is selected.

Daily Repeating Events

As an example, let’s say there is a three day training event that you will be attending. The event begins at 9:00 AM on April 3 and ends at 3:00 PM on April 5. Because the event is out of town, you will not be available for other activities. We enter the event as a single event with the start and end dates and times as mentioned.

However, let’s say the event is local so you can return home each day. We can enter this as a repeating event. Now day one is entered as start April 3 at 9:00 AM and end April 3 at 3:00 PM.

The options for Daily Repeating Event are to repeat daily or repeat only on week days

Weekly Repeating Events

If our training event occurs on three repeating Saturdays, We would enter the starting event as before. Instead of using the Daily Repeating Event, we will use the Weekly Repeating Event. Choose the weekly occurs then select Saturday in the day of the Week.

Monthly Repeating Events

Our monthly business meeting occurs on the second Tuesday of every month. Select the monthly option that allows input the choice of the 2nd week number and Saturday in the day of the week.

Another options is available for events on a particular day of the month.

Annual Repeating Events

Say your birthday is April 3rd. You can select the month and day in the first option.

Other options are provided to schedule events on a particular day of the week of a week of a month. Also an event can be scheduled on a particular day of the year.

Occurs Until

Events can be scheduled to continue until a entered date or with no end.