Why Use a Web Service

Why would we want to put our information on the Internet when there are so many stories of hackers?
  • No installation or upgrades that can affect other applications running on the local computer.

  • No program and data clogging up the local computer, slowing it down until it is unusable or requires upgrading.

  • Regular data backups are taken without intervention by organizational personnel.

  • Data can be exported to any local computer based on security.

  • Support can add new features or correct problems with an application for everyone more quickly. No fix to download and apply.

  • The application can be run from any computer having an internet connection. Thus updates can be done from the station, home, or the local hot spot. Security is implemented to restrict who may use the application.

As you can see the benefits of using this web service are many. Add to it that experienced technologist are at work to insure that your data is only accessible by those you choose.

While the threat of hackers, viruses, malware, etc is always present whether on a web service or on the local computer, the benefits of this web service out weigh those of running everything locally.